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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Transfer Files From PC Via WiFi for Symbian Devices

To transfer files from PC to phone or phone to PC we usually need a data cable or Bluetooth connection. But this time PULSE will try to guide you to copy from the PC to the phone using WiFi. How?Is myExplorer application that will help you simplify file transfer via WiFi. This application is actually common application filer explorer can access files that are on the phone just like Windows Explorer on your PC. The surplus, myExplorer allows you to access your PC on the network with the same WiFi connection.To perform these tips make sure your PC is connected to the same WiFi network with WiFi that is used to connect the phone. 

Step 1
 Install myExplorer applications through the Ovi Store, the way to find applications MySecrets through its search and install by following the instructions. By using this application you have to pay 10 thousand to be able to install it.

Step 2 

Once the application is installed, run it through the application menu.

Step 3 

When you first run the application myExplorer just a file browser application on your phone. To be able to transfer files from the computer you need to set up a WiFi network PC via this application, how to choose the options icon in the lower right.

Step 4

">Select the "Add network share".


Step 5 
Enter a name for your PC that is connected to a WiFi network, enter the IP Address of the PC if necessary. While other fields can be empty if not required and select the checkbox icon.

Step 6 

After the setting is complete it will display the new address to access the PC on the network WiFi

Step 7 

Select the address and then wait until the application displays a folder that was shared on the PC.

Step 8 

Select the folder. This application will display the files contained in that folder. From here you can open the file directly by selecting the file, when selecting the file will be copied to the phone first while and entered into the My private files, after which the file will open.

Step 9 

Select the file you want to copy to your phone by checking dikotak who is at the right.

Step 10

 Select the option icon on the bottom right and select copy / move> copy.

Step 11 

Select the icon back on the bottom left, and select the place on your phone, where you will put the new file in the copy.

Step 12 

If you do not already have a new folder you can add a new folder by selecting the option icon> New Folder, and then select Folder name.

Step 13

 Select the folder that you just created, and select option> copy / move and select paste.

Step 14 

Wait until the copy process is complete.

Step 15 

Once completed, the new file is copied from the PC is in the copy on the phone, the same things you can do to copy files from the phone to the PC.


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