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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yahoo CEO Not Think BlackBerry Smartphone

Through a statement, Marissa Mayer, who is also known as the CEO of Yahoo, seems to have been 'offended' Research in Motion (RIM). Why, why?

How not, when the company he leads is conducting a major step to require employees to use smartphones, BlackBerry apparently not included. Instead, the company that just gave freedom to all its employees to choose between, Android phone, iPhone, or Windows Phone.

More pointedly, in an interview with Fortune magazine recently, Marissa Mayer mengatkan that he had encouraged the company soon switched to a BlackBerry smartphone and leave. This was done because the company thinks that he commanded more needs smartphones to support the performance of its employees.

"Today we really make the transition from previous use and now use the BlackBerry smartphone. One of the most important factors for Yahoo's efforts to become more advanced through the mobile platform, "says Marissa Mayer, as reported by Business Insider.

With that statement, it seems that Yahoo CEO's view, the BlackBerry is not a smartphone. What do you think?

January, the Samsung Galaxy S Will Advance to Update Jelly Bean

Samsung indicated ready to roll out Android 4.1.2 update for the smartphone Jelly Bean Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070. The information was encouraging users like Samsung smartphone was revealed after Germany announced via Facebook.

The information presented on the Facebook page that is not fully authorized and definitive. Just based on the information it is also expected to roll out Samsung in Germany will be updated in January. Update the operating system will be provided to users via Galaxy S Advance air through Samsung's Kies software.

Prior to this, according to news reported by SamMobile, Android 4.1.2 update for Galaxy S Advance promised by Samsung in Sweden will be rolled out in November. Since the end of November there has been no sign of the update will be rolled out, Samsung Sweden was eventually corrected by writing the November-December.

Update for Galaxy S Advance mentioned will skip version Ice Cream Sandwich and instead move directly to version Jelly Bean. Samsung is committed to provide updates Jelly Bean for a number of devices in the coming months.

Through Data Security Assurance in Mobile BlackBerry 10, RIM Confident Can Boost Sales

Profits from the sale of RIM BlackBerry phones have steadily declined in the last 2 years. This is possible because of the slowness of development and innovation on the BlackBerry product line, which is known achievements RIM in the smartphone market has been far overtaken by vendors other upscale market Android operating system (such as Samsung) and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Even Nokia's kinship with RIM is trying to rise from adversity through the ranks of smartphone Lumia series.
RIM is known trying to focus on each device, by continuously updating the data security. It is expected to provide guarantees for the security of the data and considering the desire of consumers to market trends, they try to win back market share world.
Currently, just as reported by The Washington Post, in the U.S. alone most of the customers in the government (NASA, state department, Pentagon, etc..) Has been infiltrated type mobile Apple iPhone and Google Android. Whereas in 2008 the market share of RIM once dominated the types of PDAs and smartphones. CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins said that the government is a potential market BlackBerry. And RIM will prove that they will continue to grow and become a market leader again.
In any case even then RIM will continue to maintain exclusive relationships with government agencies and remain realistic, in which competition in the market smartphone it must also meet the needs of other customers. Not limited to just government markets.
To achieve these objectives, RIM also will launch a new operating system, BlackBerry 10, which reportedly will be full of the ability to maintain data security. Includes will release smartphones based on the BlackBerry 10, on January 30, 2013, which is said will appear in the full concept of touch screen and touch-Qwerty keyboard.
Regardless of any reform measures undertaken by RIM, including the provision of a variety of application support via Blackberry Application World, are staying the popular increased by more than 100 thousand applications, someday everything keep going back to the market demand (consumer). So, whether it will be increased sales turnover RIM or Apple and Google will continue to dominate the world's smartphone market leader, it all depends on the consumer.

Panel Suppliers Constrained Production, Shipping iPad Mini Not As Predicted Earlier

Apple seems to really 'forced' to find a supplier panel iPad Mini, to still be able to meet the demand that the new tablet.

Actually, Apple has had two major suppliers for iPad Mini panels, namely LG Display and AU Optronics (AUO). However, because the AU Optronics panel was unable to supply due to production-related problems panel that is quite low, Apple had to quickly find a new supplier.

The impact of production problems now faced by AU Optronics, the initially estimated Apple will ship 10 million units of iPad mini in the fourth quarter of 2012, according to sources in the industry today, as reported by DigiTimes, Apple predicted overall will only send 6-8 million units of iPad Mini until the end of 2012.

Who are the panel suppliers to be appointed mini iPad Apple is not known. However, based on speculation that Apple will likely appoint another panel manufacturer also based in Taiwan.

While Apple is rumored to look for a new supplier, AUO is working hard to solve production problems being faced. AUO will be able to achieve expected production expected in the first quarter of 2013.

This price Tablet Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft recently announced the official price tablet, Surface that carries the operating system Windows 8 Pro. Here, note that for the 64GB model will be priced at 899 USD (Rp8, 6 million). As for the 128GB variant Microsoft will sell in figure 999 USD (Rp9, 6 million).

Both planning will comes with Pen tool (pen), which has adopted Palm Block technology, which allows the screen to recognize the pen as a supporting device. Both of these devices are also supported accessories Touch Cover ($ 119.99), which is flat with the concept of touch-sensitive QWERTY keypad. There is also a Type Cover ($ 129.99), which is more like the keyboard in general, the shape of the protruding buttons.

Tablet Microsoft Surface Pro is out of specification known to have received support from the Intel Core i5 Redmond, which promises an accelerated graphics capabilities in display 1920x1080 pixels. The tablet is also equipped with USB 3.0 ports, and weighs less than 2 kg plus design berketabalan limited to 14mm. As a result, other than for the purpose of freely mobile, also looks premium.

For this tablet, Microsoft is calling it a tablet PC device at the same time. Microsoft believes that this product will be able to compete with the Apple iPad and Android tablets. Hopefully, in January 2013 these devices already on the market.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A number of BlackBerry 10 Photos L-Series Leaked, Reveals New Icons Display

For the umpteenth time, a photo claimed as your BlackBerry smartphone 10 L-Series back sticking.

Sources in the party as the site Techsuplex leaked the pictures did not disclose other information regarding the specifications of the BlackBerry device that is said to be 10 L-Series that.

However, from the pictures that revealed many interesting things are likely to become an integral element of the smartphone.

Yup, in addition there is a picture that shows the latest icon in BlackBerry 10, there are also pictures showing the various features of the smartphone, such as a mobile hotspot, tethering and VPN settings, for example.

To know more 'leaked' anything that presented by the leaking of a photo of the BlackBerry smartphone 10 is, look at the picture below.

Ringbow, Hand Accessories for Your Tablet

If you are accustomed to using the mouse on your PC or Notebook, it may be difficult to adapt to a tablet that uses the touch screen. That requires the right accessories when using a tablet pc as well bernavigasik, typing or even when playing games.

Ringbow be the right solution for you who are familiar with the tablets or who want to do everything quickly. with ringbow for gamers also be more comfortable when using the tablet.

Ringbow is the first game accessories are designed for use in the touch screen. Consequently Ringbow able to increase the speed to interact with a tablet.

Not only useful when playing games, Ringbow also be used when using office applications such as editing a document. Only by pairing Ringbow on the finger with bluetooth connectivity, then you can click or move in different directions on the device used in the finger.

This unique gadget is able in order through the official website only $ 55 for black and $ 65 for the color. Interestingly Ringbow offer attractive packages for the purchase of 2 units of Ringbow colored only by $ 118.

Phuzzle, guess Puzzles with Friends Facebook

From the name, you would have guessed that this is a kind of puzzle game. And you are 100 percent correct. This is a game composed pieces image into a complete picture.

Of course you also think, a lot of similar games in circulation and can be applied on mobile phones, then what's the difference with Phuzzle?

With Phuzzle, another can use the default photo, you can also make a puzzle with a picture from gallery or camera phone shoot. You can mnegupload photo, share it with your facebook account, and challenge your friends on social networks to arrange the puzzle

You also can send a specific puzzle to your friends (in this game termed Phuzzlesgram). Game selection also varied. You can play alone like a regular puzzle (and it's certainly boring), or you can play online with colleagues on social networks.

Interestingly, in every picture or puzzle that is played, you can post them on social networks, you can post comments. So it is with someone you know who plays Phuzzle can also do the same.

Interesting is not it? This game has a free version for Android and iPhone. You can also buy berbayarnya version with the addition of features that are more diverse.

Review: Nokia Asha 308, ala Nokia Smartphone Offers

A global research firm GfK and IDC ranks grouped into categories Asha smart phone "Smartphone". Although seed Dual SIM, Nokia Asha 308 does not use the OS, as it only uses the S40 platform. Did rightly considered a smart phone?

Similar Asha 309
Dimensions: 109.9 x 54 x 13 mm, 67 cc Weight: 104 g; Candy bar; Touch Screen
Nokia Asha 308 has a design similar to Asha 309, both in dimension and weight.

Establishing such a trapezoid on the top and rounded on the bottom of the phone ergonomics. 308 uses a touch screen as the primary navigation, and has 2 buttons below the screen towards unconventional call and disconnect / back.

At the top there is a microUSB port, charger port and a 3.5mm audio port. On the left there are the volume buttons and the screen lock button on the left side of the phone. Although impressed elegant, but the glossy design and easily slip impact stained with fingerprints.

What distinguishes the series from the 309 is the facility Easy Swap Dual-SIM that allows users to swap SIM cards two pieces without having to remove the battery. Layout and Easy Swap are on the right side of the phone.


Samsung introduces Series Champ Neo

Not only focusing on the segments and Windows Phone Android Smartphone, Samsung has quietly launched a new entry-level device with the headline Neo Samsung Duos C3262.

Successor to the Samsung Champ comes with a fresh new look, in addition to supporting features follow trends, low end mobile phone also features a touch screen plus dual gsm network. Interestingly, Samsung Neo Champ is the first phone to go in Indonesia that presents mini sim card.

Dual SIM mobile phone comes with a screen 2.4-inch TFT QVGA display comes with Samsung TouchWiz Lite UI support. With the addition of applications pre installed Facebook and Twitter in order to accommodate users who like to play in the world of social media, not only that, messenger services such as Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and Chat On this tiny a gadget also present. other features are also present Neo Champ Operamini, Bluetooth 3.0, a 1000mAh li ion battery, 3.5mm audio jack.

Neo Samsung Duos C3262 mobile phone market is already present in the country with a price tag of Rp. 600 thousand.

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