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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Through Data Security Assurance in Mobile BlackBerry 10, RIM Confident Can Boost Sales

Profits from the sale of RIM BlackBerry phones have steadily declined in the last 2 years. This is possible because of the slowness of development and innovation on the BlackBerry product line, which is known achievements RIM in the smartphone market has been far overtaken by vendors other upscale market Android operating system (such as Samsung) and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Even Nokia's kinship with RIM is trying to rise from adversity through the ranks of smartphone Lumia series.
RIM is known trying to focus on each device, by continuously updating the data security. It is expected to provide guarantees for the security of the data and considering the desire of consumers to market trends, they try to win back market share world.
Currently, just as reported by The Washington Post, in the U.S. alone most of the customers in the government (NASA, state department, Pentagon, etc..) Has been infiltrated type mobile Apple iPhone and Google Android. Whereas in 2008 the market share of RIM once dominated the types of PDAs and smartphones. CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins said that the government is a potential market BlackBerry. And RIM will prove that they will continue to grow and become a market leader again.
In any case even then RIM will continue to maintain exclusive relationships with government agencies and remain realistic, in which competition in the market smartphone it must also meet the needs of other customers. Not limited to just government markets.
To achieve these objectives, RIM also will launch a new operating system, BlackBerry 10, which reportedly will be full of the ability to maintain data security. Includes will release smartphones based on the BlackBerry 10, on January 30, 2013, which is said will appear in the full concept of touch screen and touch-Qwerty keyboard.
Regardless of any reform measures undertaken by RIM, including the provision of a variety of application support via Blackberry Application World, are staying the popular increased by more than 100 thousand applications, someday everything keep going back to the market demand (consumer). So, whether it will be increased sales turnover RIM or Apple and Google will continue to dominate the world's smartphone market leader, it all depends on the consumer.


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