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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Yahoo CEO Not Think BlackBerry Smartphone

Through a statement, Marissa Mayer, who is also known as the CEO of Yahoo, seems to have been 'offended' Research in Motion (RIM). Why, why?

How not, when the company he leads is conducting a major step to require employees to use smartphones, BlackBerry apparently not included. Instead, the company that just gave freedom to all its employees to choose between, Android phone, iPhone, or Windows Phone.

More pointedly, in an interview with Fortune magazine recently, Marissa Mayer mengatkan that he had encouraged the company soon switched to a BlackBerry smartphone and leave. This was done because the company thinks that he commanded more needs smartphones to support the performance of its employees.

"Today we really make the transition from previous use and now use the BlackBerry smartphone. One of the most important factors for Yahoo's efforts to become more advanced through the mobile platform, "says Marissa Mayer, as reported by Business Insider.

With that statement, it seems that Yahoo CEO's view, the BlackBerry is not a smartphone. What do you think?


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