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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drone, Bluetooth Joystick to Play Games on Smartphone and Tablet

It is known that the tablet and smartphone not merely be a means of communication and the virtual nature of portable devices roaming. However, a portable multimedia devices, including gaming gadgets.

Both the phone and tablet feature the game. And now along with the development of technology, is not limited to simple games are supported phones / tablets but a game with high performance (HD) like on a PC or notebook. In fact, recent touch screen-based devices more abundant, which makes the game more and more interactive.

Playing games is often a choice when saturated state of mind or even when there is free time, either in tablet or smartphone. But, when played using the touch screen, the controller is less maximum finger. Especially for games that require a bit faster tempo and accuracy. Quite often our concentration broken / split, due to the flow of the game and also look at our fingertips, when to play it.

Well, it seems it needs the help of a joystick, so that access to run the game more fun. Is a drone, a controller (controller) for easy Bluetooth-based smart gamers control the game. Matthew homemade tool Hefferon, Ren Livingston and Adam Weisgerber, who joined the Controllers Evolution is used to fit a smartphone or tablet.

Joystick Drone is its open source. The shape is quite mini and compact, so can be taken anywhere conveniently danp raktis. Thanks drones, you can play all the games 'emulator' in comfort. In fact, you can change the characteristics of the code contained in the joystick as desired, due to its open source nature of earlier.

Apparently, the drone is still a prototype, which is about to enter the stage of mass production.


pankaj said...

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