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Monday, August 15, 2011

ACT Distributes Kaskus Care, Post-Disaster Help

Kaskus submit the help of the donations to the ACT Kaskus Care (Fast Action Response), humanitarian agencies that focus on disaster management. Kaskuser assistance funds collected from November 2010 until May 2011 will be used for post-disaster recovery process in Wasior, Mentawai, and Yogyakarta.

"Although the emergency phase is to save lives, but actually means a heavier phase of recovery from an emergency phase, due to connect the life," said ACT as noted in a release. And often the emergency phase of the spotlight is greater than the recovery phase. And in this phase, the "matter and mind is consumed to make the program effective and fit for the local community."

ACT parties themselves, before delivering aid, has been assessed to determine priorities layered post-disaster needs of each region. Therefore, each area has different characteristics.

To the people of Yogyakarta, a grant to develop micro-businesses will be distributed. This aid package of logistical and capital relief effort. The amount of aid could reach Rp 2 million per family plus business that has ever owned (not a business that starts from zero). For the Mentawai people, he decided the electricity concern there, so the ACT will provide a solar cell as an electrical solution. While in Wasior, trauma flash floods makes them reluctant to eat fish. They began farming instead. So any help agricultural tools will be launched there.


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