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Monday, August 15, 2011

Creating a Multiboot ISO from a USB stick with XBoot

For bloggers who want to create multiboot iso file using flash media or Multiboot ISO to a CD, maybe can try this application called XBoot.

XBoot is an application that serves to facilitate us in making Multiboot ISO file (install iso files in one media and run via the boot). We just need to drag and drop the iso file that we want to make multiboot, then create a USB or create an ISO.
Create USB: Recommended for those wishing to make a multiboot USB
Create an ISO: Features to combine iso file you want to make multiboot into a single iso file.

Known issues in XBoot vs. 1.0 beta14:

     Inquister live cd Will not work on Multiboot USB (but Will work on Multiboot ISO).
     Darik's boot and nuke (dban-2.2.6_i586.iso) will not work from Multiboot USB / ISO.Please download the patched version from Here. (Reason: Faulty bootloader (isolinux 4:00 4:00-pre46) used in DBAN, If in future releases bootloader is changed then solve the problem will of Itself, till then use a patched version of DBAN

Info: This is my application XBoot trial on the flash SanDisk 2 GB by installing memtest iso file + 86 and Acronis Image Home Edition 14, and the results are going well.

You can download:


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