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Friday, August 19, 2011

Genius SlimStar 800 Anti-Water Wireless Keyboard

Vendor accessories from Taiwan, Genius launched new wireless keyboard named SlimStar 800.

This new keyboard from Genius comes to offer a simple yet elegant form. Not only that, anti-interference technology in this device offers a 2.4 GHz transmission, and working distance even further.

Amazingly, SlimStar 800 is claimed to have the technology 'Anti-Air' that can add comfort when used.

To further facilitate the user, the keyboard is also accompanied by a wireless mouse 1200dpi.

Genius SlimStar 800 wireless keyboard priced in the range of U.S. $ 9.29 (Rp250 thousand-an).

Detailed Specifications:

  •      Anti-interference 2.4GHz technology
  •      Innovative design with ultra slim keycaps
  •      2 hot keys for volume control
  •      Mouse with 1200dpi technology gives comfortable and smooth control
  •      Features "Anti-Water"


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